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Before You Buy …

  1. Interview a real estate salesperson. Choosing the right Real Estate Salesperson, for you, can make a huge difference in the entire purchasing process. Make sure you feel confident with the Salesperson you choose to work with. Although in most transactions of Purchase and Sales the Sellers pay the Real Estate Salesperson’s commission, the Buyer’s Agent is still working for YOU. Ask questions and take notes.
  2. Book a no-obligation appointment with a mortgage lender to confirm price range you qualify for in terms of mortgage. The mortgage lender will often go the extra mile to assist you with organizing your budget and debt consolidation. Your real estate salesperson can give you references of local mortgage agents.
  3. Create a "needs versus wants" checklist. A written list of what you really want can help in narrowing down the location and specific qualities the home offers.
  4. Check out the neighbourhood. Visit the home you are considering, during both the daytime and evening hours. Take a walk around the neighbourhood and talk to the neighbours.
  5. Don’t forget re-sale value. Keep in mind that you may want to consider re-selling your home at some point. Discuss the pros and cons of the home you are considering purchasing in terms of re-sale value with your real estate agent.
  6. Try to have fun and keep an open mind. Sometimes a buyer discovers more about what they really want in a home after they have viewed a number of homes that are FOR SALE, and end up purchasing a home that is much different than what they wanted in the beginning.